“Review your Poo” 

You know right that everyday in NZ 3 people die of Bowel cancer!  Did you know this is a curable disease if caught early?  So lets work at that!
An important Resource is our “Know your Normal” sheet, which allows you to “Review Your Poo” and know your normal! There is one important thing you need to be aware of with Poo that’s change! Our Poo’s are not the problem it’s our attitude to them.

Download our flyer and check your poo every day for a month. This will tell you your normal. If you notice change in frequency (how often you poo) or Texture – the shape and consistency of your poo or the colour, talk to your doctor. remember to take your sheet so they know you check.

Talk about Poo’s with your kids and your wider whanau, our silence on this topic is killing us we need to be more open and knowledgable. Everyday in NZ 9 people are diagnosed with Bowel cancer and three die. Don’t you be one of these statistics! Click on the Review your Poo link below to download your chart.

Review your Poo