Kidzone – World Microbiome Day



In 2024 the Gut Foundation is celebrating our new campaign GUT FEELINGS “A HEALTHY MIND TAKES GUTS”

Did you know that what you feed your Gut friends, changes how you feel?!

Have you met your microbes? Do you know what to feed your team?

Meet your Microbes!

Feed the Team!

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Introducing Roz the Roseburia! Roz is great at kicking bad bacteria booty. Destroying the harmful bacteria boosts our immune sysem and helps reduce inflammation.

Say hello to Biff the Bifidobacterium! One big job for Biff is to eat fibre that we can’t break down on our own.

Meet Pat the Prevotella! Pat is a PRO at breaking down carbohydrates. This helps our body process nutrients and store sugar.

Lacy the Lactobacillus is a legend at absorbing nutrients, helping to break down food and fight off bad organisms that might cause you harm.

Bax the Bacteroide protects you from pathogens (That’s Bad bacteria and viruses) and supplies good food to the other team members in our gut.

Obi the Rhizobia isn’t actually found in our gut, but Obi helps the vegetable foods grow, which are super important to our teammates.