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Why is it that every day in New Zealand 9 people are diagnosed with Bowel cancer and despite being a curable disease 3 of them die and 2/3 are men? The Gut Foundation wants to get to the bottom of this and the many other Gut diseases that are affecting us here in the South Island.   As a Colon Chum your company is committing to support our medical and scientific professionals through research, to improve patient outcomes and change clinical practise for diseases of the Gut

About our current Research Projects

Project 1: In the New Zealand context, little is known about the reasons why people do not present to their doctor with gut symptoms. Maybe they don’t recognise the symptoms maybe they are embarrassed maybe its cultural but maybes aren’t good enough! We have had the best and the Brightest here in Canterbury develop a Research paper to understand why. Read more. When we know the answers we can find the solution. This project which will run over 2 years will cost $150,000. That might sound huge but through the support of the Foodstuffs Community Trust we already have $60,000 towards this project and we believe it’s one all our communities will get behind to help play a part in saving lives.

Project 2: Hepatitis C is a virus that is spread through blood to blood transfer, including those that had blood transfusion before 1992. Undiagnosed it leads liver failure of liver cancer decades later. People do not know they have it until it is too late. Read more

Project 3: Bowel cancer arises from different types of precancerous polyps in the gut. The aim of this project is to try and identify bacterial communities that are involved i the development of Bowel Cancer. Read more  

We need your support

We are seeking companies who want to become research partners. We call them  Colon Chums. These are companies that sponsor our Gut research  at $500 per month on an annual basis. Set up as a direct credit into our Westpac account number 03 1703 0043327 00. Donations could start anytime on from now.  Your Donation would be fully tax deductable, and a donation receipt will be provided at the end of each financial year.

Your Network

We will get you all together to meet the researchers and hear a little more about the various projects such as those highlighted here. You can network with like minded companies. Your Company would be promoted as a research partner in all our communications and on our web site. We will profile this research and other projects on the web site ensuring you are provided with updates as the various research projects progress. Once completed you will be invited to a presentation to share the results and to enable you to talk with all the other companies who have also supported this research.

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