Our Story

The Christchurch Liver and Digestive Diseases trust was formed in November 1993. It was the brainchild of the late Mr. Thomas P George. Tom as he was widely known had undergone a successful liver transplant, which at the time was only performed in Australia. Tom was a legend amongst Canterbury sports people, having served in high level administration for club rugby and cricket for many years. When he required a liver transplant the people of Canterbury got behind Tom to raise the large amount of money required to get him through this operation in Sydney.

After Tom’s successful transplant he returned to Christchurch determined to help those who had helped save his life. He believed that that given the right financial supports our medical professionals could provide Cantabrians with the life saving operations that he himself had had to travel to Sydney to get. That by supporting their endeavors the people of Canterbury would continue to be well served in the future.

Since that time operations that were previously unavailable in New Zealand have become available. The aim of the Trust was and remains “to promote research and education into Liver and digestive diseases”. In recognition of the fact that research and education into Bowel and Liver diseases helps all New Zealanders in 2012 the Trust was renamed the Bowel and Liver trust. So much has been learnt in the last 6 years about Gut disease and it’s importance to overall health and well being that the Trust has now renamed as The Gut Foundation to emphasise the role this part of the body plays in our health.

Since its inception the Trust has raised over one million dollars for combating Gut diseases including funding large research programs cutting edge equipment and grass roots patient support groups. With the ongoing support of the community, The Gut Foundation, can continue to help researchers here work toward solving these Gut diseases.