We need your support to keep fighting the diseases that affect the Gut. The Gut Foundation (previously called the Bowel and Liver Trust) is a local registered charity, so all donations are eligible for a tax rebate! Our registration number is CC28730.

Donate Now – Support our Bowel cancer research

Currently the Gut Foundation is funding some research into the role, of the Gut microbiome (Bacteria) in the development of precancerous colorectal lesions (Polyps) The hope is that this study will allow our researchers to develop early stage markers of the disease. If you wish to support this project you could donate online at and tag your donation CRCFF

Give a Donation in the memory of Stanley “Tiny” Hill

Stanley “Tiny” Hill was an Inaugural Trustee of the Gut Foundation (Bowel and Liver Trust). As someone who valued the Hard work of Tome George he was more than willing to help. Tiny remained a trustee and still attended meetings and gave of his time right to the end. He really was a legend, a tireless worker and a man who spoke his mind. We will miss you Tiny. Please reference your Donation to “Tiny” 

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Please make cheques payable to Bowel and Liver Trust or the Gut Foundation and send to Bowel and Liver Trust, P.O. Box 21074 Christchurch 8143.